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Fast Ford - September 2009

Powdercoating offers a smart, stylish, and protective finish for components, and you can do it easily at home now too. By providing an attractive and protective finish, powdercoating is an ideal process for automotive components. The coated  product will be far better protected from impact damage, chipping and rust corrosion than if it was just painted.
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Kit Car Magazine - October 2008

In the previous issue, Nigel briefly introduced Kit Car Magazine readers to the amazing DIY Powder Coating System from Our master builder was so impressed he now has a system installed in his own garage.Here, nigel explains how simple the process actually is and demonstrates the quality and variety of finishes available.
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Complete Kit Car Magazine - October 2010 

John Dickens Complete Kit Car's Technical Editor, put together the following review, following on from reviewing rust proofing prior to applying powder coat finishes.

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