DIY Powder Coating Oven

Curing large parts can sometimes be inconvinent, however one our our customers has sent us his soloution, please find as follows his cost effective soloution:-

  • 1x Ikea metal Cabinet 60x50x50 (£26)
  • 2x 3000w hot air paint stripping guns ( from Lidle @£19 each)
  • 1 Meat cooking thermometer (£4 must read 200'c)
  • 2 large metal hose clamps to suit the paint gun nozzle ( 65p each )
  • Copper water pipe ( about 65cm)
  • Ally Sheet ( 2x 15cm squares)
  • Pop rivets( could be self tapers)
  • Assembled the Cabinet but leave out the middle shelf ( I left off the wheels for another project )
  • Drill 2 holes in the top to suit the size of the Paint guns nozzle ( mine were 38mm),these need to be near the door and near the sides . Fx clamps to heat guns so they don't drop all the way through the holes ( stop the elements getting to hot .)
  • Flatten ends of copper pipe and bend up to suit width cabinet on the inside, rivet close to the top and about in the middle of the sides to produce a hanging rail
  • Rivet the ally over louvered holes in the front door ( I need to do this to get the temp up)
  • Do not cover up hole in base at back as through flow of air is needed to stop guns over heating and I use this for extracting while coating.
  • Drill small hole in door in the middle about 1/3 up for the meat thermometer
  • See photos to follow Oven construction
  • Oven is Ready to use .

In use
Degrease Items to be coated and hang in oven, Warm oven to about 100c for a few minutes to dry off items. Powder coat. Shut door , start up both heat guns. Keep an eye on the temp gauge when it gets to 180'C ( about 10 minutes) start timing you might have to power down the heat guns a bit to stop the temp going to high it the end of Curing time (10 minutes for the Black I used ) switch heat guns off when oven has cooled down ( at least below 50'c) remove any masking while still hot and gooey.


Note:- If in doub't allways take professional advise when building and using any equipment